Saturday, October 11, 2008

Swisse - Pregcel Multi Vitamin

I was given a sample of the Pregcel Multivitamin in the Cabrini show bag... On my trip to the Gold Coast in September I thought they would be easier to cart along then my folate supplement, and so I did... The first morning I took one I felt mildly sick afterwards, but assumed it was getting used to the heat... I hadn't had any morning sickness, and thought it strange that it could start at 16 weeks... The next morning I took one I felt even worse, sipping water to fight back the nausea, still not twigging that it could be the supplement... On the third morning I was ill, physically, and it became very clear that it was this multivitamin causing the tummy upset... Stopped it the next day and felt fine...

My point is not to slate these pregnancy specific multi vitamins, but I think if you are eating a balanced diet, and taking your folate supplement, maybe its an extra cost that isn't necessarily beneficial?

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Tired? Stressed?! said...

Great Day to you,

This is a fantastic idea, very helpful for pregnant women. Pregnancy is the most important time in a women's life to ensure adequate nutrition so we would love to provide some information about our Swisse Pregcel Ultivite and why your reaction may have occurred. The Swisse Pregcel contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals in combination with probiotics (or "good bacteria") and some herbs to assist pregnant women in ensuring adequate nutrition for health of mother and baby and to decrease the risk of birth defects such as spina bifida. We know that eating a wholesome balanced diet is the best way for the body to obtain nutrition, but in reality the majority of people do not have ideal dietary habits. Furthermore, the levels of nutrients found in our fruits and vegetables has decreased in recent times, due to cultivation methods, poor food storage, chemicals used on foods and even cooking methods leach vital nutrients out of food, especially the widely used microwave – this can zap up to 70% of the nutrients from food! How many people actually eat the recommended 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables daily? During pregnancy this is even more important as the baby is entirely dependant on the mother's nutritional status for its growth and development. Folic acid and iron are essential, but taking a supplement with only these ingredients does not ensure adequate supply of other essential vitamins and minerals. Daily recommended requirements for many vitamins and minerals increase during pregnancy, notably magnesium, Vitamins C and E, iron, zinc, iodine and selenium. In response to the stomach upset that occurred after taking the Pregcel multivitamin - this could be due to the level of zinc in the product. If taken on an empty stomach, zinc can cause irritation to the stomach lining; this is why it is always recommended to take Multivitamins after eating as food lines the stomach and protects it from direct contact with a dose of zinc. If you have any questions feel free to contact Swisse head office, we are here to help. So, supplementing with Pregcel multivitamin can assist in cases where diet may provide insufficient nutrition, and don't forget to ensure plenty of Omega-3 for brain and nervous system development as well - this can be found in deep sea fish, or in supplement form in the Pregcel Benefishoil (a Wild Alaskan Salmon oil, and from free-range not farmed fish). In closing, we would like to wish all expectant mothers good luck and good health and remember to Celebrate Life Every Day! From Swisse Vitamins resident Naturopath.